SysKit 2016 R2 8.0.1 - Release Note

This article describes all improvements and bug fixes delivered in SysKit 2016 R2 – 8.0.1.
We have shipped SysKit 2016 R2 – 8.0.1. It’s one of the minor releases, with a couple of bug fixes.
Product version: 8.0.1 Build number: 34186 Database version: 8.0.0
Release date: Oct 6, 2016

Bug Fixes

  • SysKit was not working properly while gathering published applications in Citrix XenDesktop 7.x environment.
  • Quick Start Guide panel, shown on the right upon starting SysKit, has been updated with new screenshots.
  • Data retrieval while opening the Manage Users dialog has been enhanced and optimized.
  • Unused domains couldn’t be deleted in the Data Retention system job. Missing reference for Computer Groups has been added upon deletion of a domain from the product database.
  • Memory leak during retrieval of Citrix virtualized applications has been fixed.
  • WMI diagnostics option on the Administration was not working when a large amount of data was retrieved.
  • Improved deletion of large numbers of servers, which caused timeouts and deadlocks.
  • In some cases, the Configuration Wizard was throwing exceptions while assigning a default schema to a SysKit’s service user on a SQL Server.