SysKit Point Trial

This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to get a free 21-day trial of SysKit Point and lists trial limits.
SysKit Point trial enables you to test drive SysKit Point for free for 21 days and discover how to utilize it when managing your Microsoft 365 environment. In this article, you can find out the following:
  • how and where to get your 21 days of SysKit Point trial
  • limitations when using SysKit Point in trial
Please note! This article shows how to get a free trial of SysKit Point solution as a service. If your company policies require using a self-hosted solution, please contact us to acquire a trial key.

Get SysKit Point Trial

Please note! We recommend Global Administrators perform the initial registration since consent is required multiple times during the initial setup process, giving SysKit Point permissions to collect your Microsoft 365 tenant data.
To start the trial registration process:
Subscriptions - Register
Next, sign in with your Microsoft credentials.
Permitting us to read your user profile requires consent, and enables SysKit to determine your Microsoft 365 tenant. Click Accept to continue.
A new page opens where you should:
  • Enter the Name of your organization (1)
  • Enter the syskit365 subdomain you want to use (2)
    • If the entered subdomain is already in use, an appropriate message is displayed
  • Select the preferred time zone (3)
  • Select the region where SysKit Point data will be stored (4); the following regions are currently supported:
    • USA
    • Europe
    • Asia-Pacific & Australia
  • Click Register (5) when finished
Subscriptions - Set up your account
Next, consent is required, giving SysKit Point permission to collect your Microsoft 365 tenant data.
After the consent, your SysKit Point instance starts to provision.
Subscriptions - Provisioning SysKit Point Instance
After the provisioning is completed, an overview screen opens, providing the most important subscription information:
  • Link/button to open your SysKit Point instance (1)
  • Trial expiration date (2)
  • Buy Now button (3) enabling you to purchase a plan
Subscriptions - Trial Overview

Trial Limits

With the SysKit Point trial, you will receive 21 days of unlimited usage. During that time, you'll be able to explore everything SysKit Point offers and see what makes it the best governance and security software for Microsoft 365. You'll be able to utilize most of the SysKit Point features while in the free trial; however, there will be some limitations:
  • SysKit Point will sync lists up to 5000 items
    • Lists with more than 5000 items will not be synced
  • When SysKit Point syncs above one million items, the remaining workspaces will no longer be synced
  • PDF exports will have a watermark stating you exported the file during the SysKit Point Trial
  • OneDrive data will not be synced and will not be available for access to gain more details
  • The Configuration Inventory Module is not available during the trial
In the SysKit Point web app, you will notice the trial banner located at the top of the screen for the trial duration. Here you can find the following: * The amount of time that is left for your free trial (1) out of the 21 available days * Buy Now button (2) that redirects you to the SysKit contact page, where you'll be able to reach us and arrange the best possible SysKit Point package for your business needs
SysKit Point - Trial Banner
Please note! When the trial ends, the sync option will turn off, and you will no longer be able to click the sync button, download reports or complete other actions. 21 days after the last day of your trial, all of the data collected in SysKit Point will be erased as per the DPA (Data Processing Addendum). If during those 21 days you purchase a SysKit Point license, all of your data will remain intact.