Upgrade Configuration Inventory Module

This article explains how to upgrade the Configuration Inventory module to the latest version.

Since Syskit Point, and all available features and modules, are frequently getting new features, we highly recommend deploying the latest available Syskit Point and Configuration Inventory module version to use their maximum potential.

Upgrading to the Latest Version

Please note! When entering the App service name, make sure NOT to enter the app service name ending with '-BE'. Entering the backend app service name in the upgrade process may result in an invalid upgrade.

The Custom deployment screen in Azure Portal opens. Here you need to:

  • Select the Resource group (1) wherein the current Syskit Point version is deployed

  • Select Region (2) - use the location of your currently deployed Syskit Point resources

  • Enter App service Name (3) - enter the App Service resource Name; you can find the App Service name (5) by navigating to the Overview screen of the Syskit Point resource group

  • Click Next: Review + create > (4) - Review + create screen opens showing entered data; check that the entered data is correct and click Create

Next Steps

After the deployment is completed, you can:

Hint! Use the What's new page as an additional source of information on new features available in the latest version of the Syskit Point and Configuration Inventory module.

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