This article outlines the most frequently asked questions about Syskit Point licensing.

How is Syskit Point licensed?

The price for Syskit Point is calculated based on the number of licensed Microsoft 365 users in your tenant. Syskit Point does not count any licenses that have FREE in their name when determining price. You can choose between available Syskit Point plans according to your needs. Check out the feature comparison.

Can I try Syskit Point for free?

You can sign up for a 21-day free trial of our Governance plan. No credit card is needed for the trial activation.

Can I change my edition?

To change the edition, please visit our Subscriptions portal or contact us.

What does Syskit consider as a licensed Microsoft 365 user?

Syskit Point licenses are calculated based on your M365 assigned licenses. Only unique users and resources will be counted. Guest Users only fit into that category if they have a license assigned. Licenses that have FREE in their name are not counted when calculating cost. Read more details here.

What will my Syskit Point subscription cost?

Use our pricing calculator to determine your exact price. For more than 5.000 users, contact us for a custom quote to explore our Data Center options.

What's the difference between Syskit Point Cloud plan and Data Center plan?

Our Cloud plans provide a complete SaaS solution, ready-made for all Syskit customers. With Cloud editions, we do the heavy lifting for you by providing built-in platform security and compliance with a quick and simple setup. Cloud comes with the added benefit of continuous innovation, so your end-users will always have the latest and greatest features and functionality.

Our Data Center plan enables you the flexibility to deploy on an infrastructure of your choice. It’s best for those who have unique or complex operating requirements or need to scale beyond our current cloud user tiers. You’ll have complete control over data management, security and compliance when you upgrade and how you manage uptime and performance. We recommend Data Center for those who have specific security requirements and can’t move to the cloud just yet. Make sure to check the comparison table as well to see which feature sets are available in each option.

Do you offer monthly subscriptions?

Monthly subscriptions are available for our Management, Security & Compliance, and Governance Cloud plans. Use our pricing calculator to determine your exact price.

Is there a user limit for Syskit Point editions?

You may license up to 10.000 users for our Cloud editions. For Data Center edition, only the sky is the limit. It is currently being used successfully by organizations with more than 300.000 users on a daily basis.

How long are the collected audit logs kept?

For Syskit Point Cloud editions, audit logs are kept for 1 year, and this cannot be modified.

For Syskit Point Data Center, you have the option to set up unlimited storage for audit logs. You can decide how long you want to keep Audit Logs by changing your Data Retention settings.

What is the minimum number of users I can purchase Syskit Point for?

The minimum number of users you can purchase a Syskit Point Cloud plan for is 100 licensed Microsoft 365 users. This means that if your company has 60 licensed Microsoft 365 users, you will still need to buy a subscription that covers 100 users in Syskit Point.

The minimum number of users for the Data Center plan is 1000 licensed Microsoft 365 users.

I purchased Data Center edition. How do I acquire Configuration Inventory Manager, Analytics&Adoption, or Power BI Companion App?

Please contact us or your dedicated sales/CSM representative for additional information on how to acquire these additional modules for Syskit Point.

Can I reassign Syskit Point license to some other owner?

To reassign a license to a new owner, please visit our customers portal to update billing and/or delivery contact.

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