Cleanup & Health Reports

Cleanup & Health Reports provide information on maintaining the health of your workspaces.

The Cleanup and Health reports in SysKit Point provide insight that helps you ensure your workspaces are secured and optimized.

The Cleanup and Health report includes details on orphaned users which you can use to determine users that no longer need access to your workspaces, declutter your environment, enhance security and resolve any other potential issues.

Orphaned Users

The Orphaned Users report displays all orphaned users in your tenant environment. Use the Orphaned Users report to detect and manage orphaned users.

It shows all the users that have been blocked or deleted from the Azure Active Directory, which means they should no longer be a part of your workspace.

This report helps detect and remove blocked/disabled or deleted users from your Microsoft 365 workspaces.

Generate Orphaned Users report

  • Click the Reports tile; located on the SysKit Point home screen.

  • Select Cleanup & Health Check in the filter; it can be found in the upper left corner.

  • Click the Orphaned Users report to generate the report.

Report Data

Once the report is successfully generated, the following data will be displayed in the columns:

  • User; the name of the user that is orphaned.

    • When clicked, the User Details page of the selected user is opened.

  • Site; the name of the workspace where said user is a member.

    • When clicked, the page will be redirected to the Site Details screen of the selected workspace.

  • Status; defines whether the user was deleted or disabled in Azure Active Directory.

  • Department; shows which department in the company the Orphaned User operated in.

    • Only if that data is available from Azure Active Directory.

  • Manager; shows who the manager was of the orphaned user.

For more details, there are also additional columns available in the column chooser:

  • Site Type; defines the workspace by SharePoint Site, Microsoft Team, Microsoft 365 Group, or OneDrive.

  • URL; a direct link to the selected workspace on the Microsoft 365 tenant.

  • Username; shows the Microsoft 365 tenant username for the orphaned user.

To group the report results by one or multiple columns, drag a column header to the designated place in the upper left corner of the report.

  • Doing that provides a clearer view of where the orphaned user is still a member.

By selecting the checkbox of an orphaned user, you can perform the Remove User action located on the right side of the screen.

  • This opens the Remove User pop-up

  • Type REMOVE in the space available and click the Remove button to finalize your decision

The Orphaned Users report can be exported as PDF and XLSX files. There is also the option to schedule the report.

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