Purchasing and Discounts

This article outlines the most frequently asked questions about purchasing and discounts for Syskit Point.

Can I try a product for free before purchasing it?

Yes, we offer a free trial for all Syskit products. Syskit Point comes with a 21-day free trial. You can find more details on the Syskit Point product page.

How much do Syskit products cost?

Our pricing information is available on the Syskit Point product page.

Does Syskit offer any discounts?

We offer frontline, non-profit, and educational discounts for our annual Cloud and Data Center editions. Contact us to get a custom quote.

How does Syskit determine who qualifies for non-profit discounts?

To qualify for non-profit discounts, you need to satisfy the requirements listed at https://aka.ms/eligibility-requirements.

How do I purchase Syskit Point?

Use our webshop on each pricing page to purchase Syskit products using credit cards. Additionally, you can contact us for a custom quote if you have specific needs.

  • Navigate to the pricing page of the product you wish to purchase

  • Click on the subscription plan you want to subscribe to.

  • Modify the quantity you need. It depends on the selected product and for Syskit Point it is based on the number of licensed M365 users. Read more here.

  • Provide your credit card details and billing information.

  • The subscription details will be delivered upon payment.

How do I request a quote?

Send us an email requesting your quote with the following information included:

  • Your company name, address, and VAT ID (for companies inside the European Union).

  • Software and subscription plan name

  • Quantity – number of licensed M365 users

  • Specify the currency in which you would like us to issue the quote (select between USD; EUR, and GBP)

One of our qualified Product Consultants will send you a quote with the instructions for payment.

How do I pay the outstanding quote?

Read more about the available payment options at https://syskit.cc/vendor-profile.

Can I request a quote in currency other than US Dollars?

We can generate quotes in US dollars (USD), Euros (EUR), and British pounds (GBP). We calculate all the prices in a currency other than USD using an exchange rate that includes a currency fluctuation margin.

How do I buy from Syskit via Purchase Order?

Start by requesting a quote using the contact form.

Please send us a signed purchase order on your company letterhead or a signed quote you've received from us. The authorized company representative should sign both. As soon as we receive it, we will process your order.

Once the PO is processed, we'll send you an invoice, including the exact payment instructions for a wire transfer payment. Our standard payment term is NET30.

Please note: If you are a reseller, add the end-user information to your Purchase order. If you have their Purchase order number, add that as well.

Are there any applicable taxes?

An additional VAT charge applies for EU customers who do not supply their own VAT number when placing an order.

What happens if I'm not satisfied with my Syskit Point purchase?

If you are not satisfied within 30 days, you can get a full refund. We do not want you to pay for a product you aren't satisfied with.

  • Monthly Subscriptions - Refunds for subscriptions are available within the first paid month after the trial period.

  • Annual Subscriptions – Refunds for subscriptions are available within 30 days of payment for annual subscriptions.

  • Syskit Point Data Center licenses can be refunded within 30 days of the original purchase.

After these periods, we cannot offer refunds.

Is the onboarding package mandatory for Data Center customers?

Yes, the onboarding package is mandatory as a part of the Data Center edition to help you get the best value for your environment and team members. It helps you successfully use the product as soon as possible and get the desired ROI by quickly improving your administration and governance processes after the onboarding.

US Purchases - W9 or W8 form Requirement

United States customers should refer to our W8-BEN-E form. United States customers may be charged US sales taxes depending upon the state, and these taxes may vary as we register for sales taxes in new states. Please contact us to obtain our W8-BEN-E form.

Can I buy your products via a partner network?

Syskit has a vast network of partners around the world. Select your country on the menu, choose a reseller, and click here for a complete partner list. Contact the reseller you find the most suitable and request a quote as described above.

If you'd like to register as a partner, contact us for more info.

To read more on how our partnership program works, take a look at the Partner Program FAQ.

Why can't I manage a subscription in the Subscriptions Portal?

Currently, only the user who initially purchased the subscription can manage it.

Additional users may have access to the Subscriptions portal, but they will not be able to manage the subscription (purchase additional user licenses, for example). When such a user tries to manage the subscription, the Manage Subscription button turns red when clicked.

If you want to change the user responsible for subscription management, please contact your Customer Success Manager or Syskit support. If you purchased your subscription via a partner network, contact the partner/reseller to update your subscription.

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