Purchasing and Discounts

This article outlines the most frequently asked questions about purchasing and discounts for SysKit Point.

Does SysKit offer any discounts?

We offer frontline, non-profit, and educational discounts for our annual Cloud and Data Center editions. Contact us to get a custom quote.

How does SysKit determine who qualifies for non-profit discounts?

To qualify for non-profit discounts, you need to satisfy the requirements listed at

How do I purchase SysKit Point?

You can purchase SysKit Point directly through our subscriptions portal or during the free trial through SysKit Point directly. Additionally, you can contact us for a custom quote if you have specific needs.

Can I request a quote in currency other than US Dollars?

We can generate quotes in US dollars (USD), Euros (EUR), and British pounds (GBP). We calculate all the prices in a currency other than USD using an exchange rate that includes a currency fluctuation margin.

Are there any applicable taxes?

An additional VAT charge applies for EU customers who do not supply their own VAT number when placing an order.

What happens if I'm not satisfied with my SysKit Point purchase?

If you are not satisfied within 30 days, you can get a full refund. We do not want you to pay for a product you aren’t satisfied with!
Refunds for cloud subscriptions are available within the first paid month after the trial period for monthly subscriptions and within 30 days of payment for annual subscriptions. After these periods, we cannot offer refunds. Data Center licenses can be refunded within 30 days of the original purchase.

Is the onboarding package mandatory for Data Center customers?

Yes, the onboarding package is mandatory as a part of the Data Center edition to help you get the best value for your environment and team members. It helps you successfully use the product as soon as possible and get the desired ROI by quickly improving your administration and governance processes after the onboarding.