This article explains available options when it comes to integrating 3rd party apps and Syskit Point.

How the work is done, differs from company to company, and chances to find one piece of software to cover all of it, are quite slim. Most often, multiple apps are used to support various processes in a company. Therefore, integration between apps proves important, as it enables you to connect multiple apps in a comprehensive workflow.

Syskit Point offers 2 types of integration: * Syskit Point API * Webhooks

Below, you can find more information and examples for both types.

Syskit Point API

Syskit Point API is an interface that enables 3rd party apps to: * Access data available in Syskit Point * For example - synced workspaces, provisioning templates available in Syskit Point, etc. * Trigger operations in Syskit Point * Such as provisioning of workspaces or generating a permissions report for a workspace.

Read the following article to help you get started with Syskit Point API.


Webhooks are messages that Syskit Point sends to another defined application when an important event occurs, such as the provisioning of a new Microsoft 365 workspace in Syskit Point.

Webhooks are useful when handling asynchronous events that you cannot predict the exact timing of. For instance, the provisioning of a workspace depends on a manager or admin approving a request from an end-user. In such cases, Syskit Point can automatically send event information to the registered recipient application, also known as the webhook endpoint. The third-party application can then trigger further actions based on the received message from Syskit Point.

Open the Webhooks article to learn more about utilizing Syskit Point webhooks.

Swagger Documentation

For a quick jump into Syskit Point API and registering webhook endpoints, advanced users can go to Swagger API Documentation. Given that you already have an up-and-running Syskit Point instance, you can find the documentation on the following URL:

  • <YourSyskitPointBaseURL/swagger>

  • For example, contoso.syskit365demo.com/swagger

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