This article provides a list of available report categories and shows how to generate reports in Syskit Point.

Syskit Point Reports provide insight into what's happening within your Microsoft 365 environment.

The following actions are available when working with Syskit Point reports:

  • Advanced filtering

  • High-level overview

  • Exporting reports as PDF or XLSX files

  • Scheduled report delivery

Generate Reports

The Inventory Reports can be generated directly from the main menu on the left side of the screen by clicking Sites, Microsoft Teams & Groups, or Users.

To generate reports in all the other categories available in Syskit Point, click the Report icon in the main menu, which opens the Report Center.

In the Report Center, you can:

  • See all reports available in Syskit Point along with a short description of what each provides

  • Filter reports by category (1); only reports within the selected category are displayed

  • Search for a report (2) by typing a search term into the input field

  • Navigate to Scheduled Reports (3) where you can view and manage recurring delivery of reports

  • Click a report tile (4) to generate the wanted report

After you click the report tile, the Selection screen opens. Here, you can:

  • Select one or multiple workspaces (1)

  • Adjust additional filters (2)

  • Click Run Report (3) to generate the report

Please note! Different reports show different objects to select and different filters to adjust.

In the example given, the Selection step for the Permissions Matrix report shows Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365 Groups, OneDrive, and sites to select.

On the other hand, if we look at the User Access Report, it lists all users for selection.

Some reports, such as the External Users report, generate right after clicking the report tile and don't show the Selection step.

  • Since the selection and filters can differ, reports are further described within the category-specific articles below.

Report Categories

Check the articles below for information on what subscription plans the reports will be available in.

Reports in Syskit Point can be divided into the following categories:

Click a link from the list to open an article showing all reports in the selected category.

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