Partner Program

This article outlines the most frequently asked questions about the Syskit Point partner program.

Partner Program FAQ

Is it possible to join Syskit's partner program?

Yes, we offer a partnership program. Please contact us for more details.

Do you have any partners in my local area?

You can find a list of currently active Syskit partners here or contact us for a recommendation.

Do you have special pricing for resellers/partners?

Contact us for more information on the partner or reseller program with Syskit.

How do I request a quote as a reseller/partner?

Send us an email requesting a quote, and specify the following information:

  • Your own (partner's) company name and address

  • The software name, quantity, and subscription type.

    • For Syskit Point the number of licensed M365 users is needed.

  • Provide end-user details

    • Full end-user name

    • Company name

    • Type of company

    • End user tenant domain used to register to the Syskit Point trial

  • Specify the currency in which you would like us to issue the quote (select between USD; EUR, and GBP)

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