Microsoft Teams & Groups

This article provides a detailed overview of the reports available for Sites, Microsoft Teams & Groups, and Users.

The Microsoft Teams & Groups report provides insight into the properties and metadata relating to the Microsoft Teams & Groups in your environment such as the number of members, owners, and guests in a specific Team or Group.

Generate Report

The Microsoft Teams & Groups report can be accessed by clicking Microsoft Teams & Groups on the Home page.

This will open the Microsoft Teams & Groups report, which can be viewed and filtered in multiple ways.

In the top left corner, All Groups is automatically selected in the filter. Clicking the View filter will provide the following additional options:

  • Microsoft 365 Groups

  • Microsoft Teams

  • Inactive Groups

  • Archived Groups

  • Inactive Groups

  • Archived Groups

  • Security Groups

  • Security Groups (On-Premises)

  • Mail-Enabled Security Groups

  • Distribution Lists

  • Distribution Lists (On-Premises)

  • Recently Created Groups

  • Deleted Groups

  • Externally Shared Groups

  • Teams with Private Channels

  • Teams with Shared Channels

  • Teams and Groups with Only One Owner

  • Teams and Groups with Too Many Owners

Clicking any of those categories will filter the report based on the selected.

At the top, 5 tiles can be used to filter the report. The following options are available and can be selected by clicking them:

  • The Number of Microsoft Teams

  • The Number of Microsoft 365 Groups

  • Recently Created

  • Externally Shared

  • Inactive

The default columns displayed in the report are the following:

  • Name

  • Email

  • Type

  • Privacy

  • Members

  • Owners

  • Guests

  • Activity

There are additional columns available in the column chooser, located in the top right part of the report. The additional columns available are:

  • Connected Site

  • Created On

  • Private Channels

  • Shared Channels

  • Standard Channels

  • Deleted By

  • Deleted On

  • Archived By

  • Archived On

  • Sensitivity Label

  • Last Activity Date

  • Is Team

  • Can be Restored

  • Policies Applied

  • Primary Contact

  • Secondary Contact

  • Department

  • Additional Custom Metadata Columns if configured

Report Actions

The Microsoft Teams & Groups report can be exported as PDF and XLSX files. There is also the option to schedule the report.

On the right side of the report, there is a Manage section that provides the ability to Configure Tenant Wide Alerts.

Selecting workspaces provides several actions that can be taken.

The Manage actions available are:

  • Change Owners

  • Manage Policies

  • Add Owners/Members

  • Remove Owners/Members

  • Configure Alerts

  • Change Metadata

The Go to Report section provides a list of related reports that are available:

  • Permissions Matrix

  • Externally Shared Content

  • Unique Permissions

  • Group Members

  • File and Page Activities

  • Permissions Changes

Under Lifecycle Management, the following actions are available:

  • Keep

  • Archive

  • Delete

  • Ask Owners to Renew

For Access Review, the action available is to Request Review.

Please note! The following actions are available for security groups, mail-enabled security groups, and distribution lists: Add Owners/Members, Remove Owners/Members, and Manage Policies.

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