Analytics and Usage Report Issues

This article explains how to change privacy settings to fix issues with analytics and usage reports in Syskit Point.


On September 1st, Microsoft changed to Microsoft 365 usage analytics and pseudonymized user-level information by default. To see a complete list of affected products and APIs, visit this link. Changes in the default behavior of the products mentioned above also affected a subset of Syskit Point reports.

Affected Reports

The following components will stop working in Syskit Point as a result of pseudonymization of user-level information:

  • Licenses Usage by Service report

  • Yammer, Exchange, and Microsoft Teams last activity detection

  • Adoption metrics and Teams messages metrics available on Dashboard


To restore complete reporting functionality in Syskit Point, revert the change to show identifiable user information. To do so:

  • Navigate to Settings > Org settings > Services

  • Find and click Reports

  • Deselect the 'Display concealed user, group, and site names in all reports' option

  • Click Save

Please note! It can take up to 24 hours for the data to be available.

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