October 3, 2023

This article lists improvements and bug fixes in the Syskit Point Cloud version 2023.4.0.182

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  • New Storage Metrics report is available!

    • The Storage Metrics report shows your storage usage over time in your tenant to help you:

      • Identify potentially unusual spikes

      • Determine whether you need additional storage options

  • There is a new tenant-wide policy - Tenant Storage Limits.

Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Remove Access action was improved. Point now better handles removing access for a user from workspaces that were deleted in the M365 environment without being synced in Syskit Point. A clear message is displayed in the Action log in such cases.

  • Fixed an issue where provisioning would fail with the following error when applying sensitivity labels or setting Outlook properties: User does not have permissions to execute this action.

  • Two new columns added to the Manage Reviewers report. You can find the E-mail and Tenant Domain columns in the columns chooser. The Manage Reviewers report is located in Settings > Governance > Access Review Options > Manage Reviewers.

  • Various improvements and minor fixes are available.

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