April 23, 2024

This article lists improvements and bug fixes in the Syskit Point Cloud version 2024.2.47.12

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About Syskit Point Cloud

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New Features

  • New options for integrating 3rd party apps and Syskit Point are available!

    • Syskit Point offers 2 types of integration: Syskit Point API and Webhooks.

Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Improvements made to Reports!

    • Added the total number of unique external users in the workspace to the Power BI Workspaces report.

      • The Power BI Permissions report can now be filtered by user type: internal or external.

    • Added a new column to the Scheduled Reports screen: Last Manual Run.

    • The column shows information on when the Send Now action was last executed.

    • The Storage Metrics report can now be exported and scheduled.

  • Improved the mechanics for logging into the Subscriptions portal to reflect the email used for the subscription portal when navigating to it through Syskit Point.

    • Currently, this only works for the General Administrator that initiated the trial.

  • The Rule Preview report has a new Manual Overrides filter that contains the following: Manually Applied and Priority Override.

  • Admin accounts with no mailbox can now be added as admins to Orphaned Resourced and resolve delegated Tasks when there is no manager or manager response.

  • Improved functionality of the Workspaces with too Many Members policy.

  • The Syskit Point trial version has a limit of 10 File Version Cleanup actions that can be performed for the duration of the trial.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the same policy violation to be logged as completed multiple times, along with sending duplicate Policy Resolved emails.

  • Fixed an issue that caused an interruption in delivery of regularly set up scheduled reports if a scheduled report is requested manually.

  • Fixed an issue that showed restored workspaces as deleted.

    • If a site was soft deleted and restored to active status, the workspace would still show as deleted when clicking on it.

  • Fixed an issue with the Access Review that caused a problem loading users on workspaces with a large number of users.

  • Fixed an issue where retry attempts on Provisioning for Microsoft Teams caused the following error: SysKit.Point.Provisioning.Infrastructure.Clients.MicrosoftGraph.MicrosoftGraphClientException: Failed to execute Templates backend request CreateTeamFromGroupWithTemplateRequest.

  • Various improvements and minor UX and UI fixes are available.

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