Create Snapshot

This article explains how to create a snapshot of Microsoft 365 configuration settings using Syskit Point.
A snapshot in the context of Syskit Point is a collection of all the Microsoft 365 configuration settings taken at a specific point in time.
There are two ways to create a snapshot:
Please note! Before creating a snapshot, make sure to read the Configuration Inventory Requirements article.

Take Snapshot

To create a snapshot:
  • Click the Configuration Inventory tile (1) on the Home screen - the Configuration Inventory screen opens
  • Click the Take Snapshot option (2) available in the side panel under the Manage section - the Take Snapshot dialog opens
  • Click the Start Snapshot button (3) - Syskit Point starts to collect data in the background
Configuration Inventory Tile
Take Snapshot
Start Snapshot
Once the snapshot is finished, a notification (1) is displayed. You can find the newly created snapshot in the snapshot list (2).
Snapshot Created