February 06, 2024

This article lists improvements and bug fixes in the Syskit Point Cloud version 2024.1.42.45

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Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Ad-hoc external users can now be removed with the Delete Users action.

    • Ad-hoc users are external users who are not a part of Microsoft Entra ID but have access to specific SharePoint content.

    • Since they can't be found in Microsoft Entra ID, deleting such users in the same way as your tenant users or guest users is not possible.

    • The Delete Users action now removes ad-hoc external user access from SharePoint content.

    • After running the Delete Users action, the ad-hoc external user is no longer visible in Syskit Point access reports.

  • The Remove Access action is now enabled for users on the Sharing step - Users view - in the Access Review task.

    • Multiselection of users is also enabled.

Multiple improvements are available for the Storage Management feature:

  • The Storage tag was added to reports related to Storage Management for easier filtering in the Report Center.

  • Site Storage Metrics report now has the Created On column added that can be selected from the column chooser.

  • Columns sort on reports is now correctly displayed on the tenant-wide Storage Metrics report.

  • Fixed an issue on sites where information about file versions and sizes was not regularly refreshing.

  • Global Viewers can now manage Scheduled Reports they created. The following actions are available: Preview, Send Now, Edit, Pause, Delete. As before, Global Viewers cannot manage Scheduled Reports created by other users.

  • Improved the sync process for Private and Shared channels, thus eliminating specific cases where manual intervention was needed to successfully sync Private and Shared channels in Syskit Point.

  • Newly created licensed users who have never logged in are no longer shown on the Inactive Licenses report.

    • Additionally, on the Users Overview screen in the Inactive Users tile and Inactive Users view, newly created users (those created in the last 30 days) will not show.

  • Fixed an issue where the Autodiscover sync would load without ever finishing.

  • Fixed an issue where task resolvers who were removed from their resolver position would still receive emails when someone else resolved their past Security & Compliance check violations.

  • Fixed an issue where the Anonymously Shared Sites report and Externally Shared Sites report were not updating the information (numbers) in the tile filters accurately.

  • Fixed a bug that allowed owners of inactive workspaces to keep their workspace indefinitely, even when a maximum period limit for keeping the workspace was previously set.

  • Fixed a bug where automatically Scheduled Report emails did not include an Attachment.

  • Fixed a bug where users who were both admins and workspace owners were not added as Reviewers for Private Channels, nor could they be added manually.

  • Improved the description for the Inactive Guest Users policy email and task screen.

  • Various improvements and minor UX fixes are available.

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