Modify Access Review Options

This article explains how to customize additional Access Review options applied to all Access Review policies.
Access Review options are available in the Governance plan and higher tiers. See the pricing page for more details.
To start with the configuration, navigate to Settings > Governance > Access Review Options Here, you can find 3 sections:
  • Manage Reviewers
  • Review Options
  • Customize E-mail
Access Review e-mail customization is described in the following article.

Manage Reviewers

The Manage Reviewers report enables you to define users responsible for the Access Review of a Microsoft Team, Microsoft 365 Group, OneDrive, or a site. To open the report, click the Edit Reviewers (1) tile.
Access Review Options - Edit Reviewers
The Manage Reviewers report opens, where you can:
  • Select one or multiple users (1)
  • Remove one or multiple users from reviewers (2)
  • Manage Admins or Owners (3)
  • Filter out resources without reviewers (4) or otherwise filter the grid with the help of top tiles
  • Switch the view (5) - choose between two options:
    • Show by Content - root node is a resource with all reviewers shown as child nodes
    • Show by Users - root node is a user, with all resources where he is a reviewer shown as child nodes
  • Find the number of active reviewers (6) on all Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365 Groups, OneDrive, and sites
  • View users removed from reviewers (7) - you can recognize them by the Not Reviewing status
Automated Access Review Setup - Manage Reviewers

Review Options

Please note! Review options will apply to all resources included in the Automated Access Review process, regardless of the applied policy.
Here you can:
  • Define the starting date for the Automated Access Review process(1)
  • Set the number of workdays (2) a reviewer has to complete the Access Review task
  • Enable or disable (3) sending of e-mail reminders to reviewers three workdays before the Access Review task's due date
Automated Access Review Setup - Review Options

Next Steps

Now that everything is defined, the Access Review will start automatically. To learn how to perform an Access Review in SysKit Point, visit the following article.