Manage Requests

This article describes how to view all your requests and their status or history.

  1. Open Microsoft Teams.

  2. Start the Syskit Point app in the left side panel. If you don’t see it by default, click the three dots and search for Syskit Point. Select the Syskit Point app, and it will appear on your Teams side panel. Right-click the app icon and select Pin to have it permanently visible.

  3. My Request tab will list all requests connected to you, both the ones you requested as well as those that require your approval.

    1. Status - gives information if the specific request has been approved or not

    2. Sent to – who are the approvers that need to confirm or reject this request

    3. View Details – gives you a history and detailed status overview of each request

    4. Resolve – use this to approve or reject all requests that are sent to you

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