Syskit Point 2021.11

This article lists improvements and bug fixes in Syskit Point version 2021.11.

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Product version: 2021.11.29

Build number: 1

Release date: Nov 29, 2021

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Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Sensitivity Label Changes alert is now available! The alert can be enabled tenant-wide or on specific Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365 Groups, or sites. See the full list of alerts available in Syskit Point here.

  • Cosmos DB timeout and retry handling is improved. Syskit Point is now more resistant to timeouts when collecting Unified Audit Logs.

  • Users Overview screen is optimized. As a result, generating the report, searching and filtering by licenses and assigned admin roles is faster.

  • Microsoft Teams chat activity detection is optimized. When determining Teams activity, Syskit Point is now faster and uses fewer Azure resources.

  • Access Review reports are optimized. As a result, screens in the Access Review wizard load faster.

  • Users Sync is optimized. User activity details are now fetched in a separate sync job enabling faster user sync and data visibility on the Users overview screen.

  • Users With Privileged Access Report is optimized. Before, large environments would run into issues when generating the report, which is now fixed.

  • Added support for various types of sharing links.

  • Fixed an issue where Access Review e-mails and tasks were created for the wrong users.

  • Fixed an issue where report links on Groups & Teams overview would result in an empty report.

  • Fixed a bug where provisioning a group with more than 20 members would fail with the following error: Exceeded changed links limit(20)

  • Various UX/UI improvements and minor fixes are available.

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