This article shows an overview of steps to take when deploying Syskit Point in your Azure environment.

Syskit Point app can, apart from being used in software-as-a-service form, be deployed in your Azure subscription. The self-hosted deployment option described in this article is a requirement when using the Syskit Point Data Center plan, and requires a customized approach considering the number of users, sites, collected audit logs, and other variables from your environment.

After the deployment, the key Azure resources shown in the architecture diagram below will be created and ready to run Syskit Point.

For more information about Syskit Point's Azure network configuration, please read the Azure Networking article.

Getting Started

These are the 3 most important steps to get you started with Syskit Point:

  1. Deploy Syskit Point to an empty Azure resource group

    • Ask your Azure team to create a dedicated Azure resource group and deploy Syskit Point from the Azure Marketplace

    • When deploying, make sure to configure Azure resources following the minimum requirements

    • After the deployment, you will be able to access the Syskit Point web application by opening the defined URL

  2. Activate Syskit Point

    • Contact our team to provide you with a free trial key that enables you to try out all Syskit Point features, without limits, for 21 days

    • After the end of the trial period, our team will provide the license key for the activation after purchasing the selected edition of Syskit Point

    • At any time, you can find your keys in the Customers Portal

    • If you do not have the activation information, please contact us

  3. Connect to Your Microsoft 365 Tenant

    • You will be asked to create an App registration in your Azure Active Directory

    • A Global Administrator will be asked to sign in and provide application consent during the setup; Please note: the Global admin account is only necessary during the initial configuration; later, the application can be used with other non-privileged accounts

If you run into any issues when preparing your environment, please contact us.

First steps with Syskit Point

By now, your Syskit Point is up and running. You can sign in to the Syskit Point web application, and it will continuously collect data from Microsoft 365. There are a few important considerations to make to complete the setup and secure your Point web application:

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