Approval Processes

Approval processes define who needs to approve the end-user request for a new workspace before this workspace gets created using Syskit Point.

Approval Processes are available in the Governance plan and higher tiers. See the pricing page for more details.

To start with the configuration, open the Settings > Governance > Approval Processes screen.

Your Approval Processes list shows you which approval types will be available to use in provisioning templates.

By default, Syskit Point provides 3 approval processes:

  • Manager approval – The manager of the end-users requesting new workspace needs to approve this request

  • Admin approval – Syskit Point admins need to approve this request

  • Manager and admin approval – Requires approval from both the manager of the requester and Syskit Point admins

Create a Custom Approval Process

To create your custom approval process from scratch, click the New Approval Process button. You will need to define several settings:

  • Approval Process Name – give a name to this approval process; this will be displayed in the template wizard

  • Number of stages for this approval – how many levels of approval each request needs to go through before it is finally approved. Current options are:

    • 1-stage – Only one person/group will need to approve this request

    • 2-stage – 2 people/groups will need to approve this request

    • 3-stage - 3 people/groups will need to approve this request

  • Approver for each stage – for each stage, you can choose between the manager of the requester, Syskit Point administrators, or provide specific people that will be responsible for this level (multi-select allowed)

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