Minimum Number of Owners

This article explains how set up the Minimum Number of Owners policy in Syskit Point.
A predefined policy - Minimum 2 Owners - is located on the Policies screen. Click the Edit (1) icon to view all defined options for the policy.
Minimum Number of Owners - Edit Policy
The Edit Policy dialog opens where you can:
  • Define the policy name (1)
  • Define the maximum number of allowed owners (2); this is set to 5 by default
  • Choose the severity level (3); this option is enabled by default
    • Enable Task Delegation (4) by clicking the toggle next to it and select your task delegation preferences:
    • Send reminder to reviewers (5) 3 work days before due date; this option is enabled by default
    • Choose what to do if owners don't resolve the policy violation until the due date (6). The following options are available:
      • Reassign Task; when selected, you can define who will get the task - Manager of the Reviewer, Syskit Point Administrators, or custom recipients; this option is selected by default, and the tasks are reassigned to Manager of Reviewer
      • Automatically Remove Owners; if selected, Syskit Point will remove existing owners starting from users with the oldest sign-in date until the defined maximum number of owners is reached to comply with the policy
    • Click the checkbox to allow owners to accept risk for the policy (7)
  • Click Save (8) once you are done with the policy configuration.
Edit Policy Dialog