Enable Automatic Snapshots

This article explains how to enable automatic snapshots of Microsoft 365 configuration settings in Syskit Point.
A snapshot in the context of Syskit Point is a collection of all the Microsoft 365 configuration settings taken at a specific point in time.
There are two ways to create a snapshot:
Please note! Before enabling automatic snapshots, make sure to read the Configuration Inventory Requirements article.

Enable & Configure Automatic Snapshots

To enable automatic snapshots:
  • Navigate to Settings > General > Configuration Inventory (1)
  • Check the Automatic snapshot enabled option (2)
Enable Automatic Snapshots
After you enable automatic snapshots, continue to configure automatic snapshot options. You can define the following:
  • Snapshot Frequency (1) - choose between a daily, weekly, and monthly automatic snapshot and define the day and time when the snapshot is started
  • Compare Settings (2) - when an automatic snapshot is created, Syskit Point can compare the new snapshot with the previous snapshot or a snapshot marked as a good configuration
  • E-mail (3) - enable the checkbox (3) and choose if the report is sent after each snapshot or only if differences between the new and an old snapshot are discovered (4); enter the e-mail that receives the report (5)
  • Save (6) when you are finished with the configuration
Configure Automatic Snapshots

Snapshot Report

After an automatic snapshot completes, Syskit Point sends an e-mail to defined users. The e-mail comes with reports attached:
  • Tenant Documentation
  • Differences - only if Syskit Point detected differences between the new and the previous snapshot
Tenant Configuration Inventory Report