Syskit Point for Collaborators

This article helps you learn more about using your Syskit Point as a collaborator.

Syskit Point is a management and governance platform for Microsoft 365 that makes complex environments simple to manage and secure by collecting and organizing data into easily accessed features that help you control everything with just the click of a button.

As a team and group owner, or manager, Syskit Point helps you:

Syskit Point Home Screen

Along with that, the Syskit Point home page gives you direct access to the following features:

  • Sites - insight into all of All Sites where you are the owner, and gives you the ability to schedule or export the report along with different actions that can be completed, such as adding new owners or members

  • Microsoft Teams & Groups – insight into the Teams and Groups where you are the owner, providing the ability to schedule or export the report itself, and directly complete actions such as removing or adding owners and members, configuring alerts, and more

  • Users – explore the list of all users that you have been assigned as the manager of, with the ability to schedule or export this report and directly add new users to Groups you are the owner of

  • Dashboard – this provides a quick overview of things you can see in Syskit Point as the owner of specific teams or groups, which includes the following sections: Inventory (Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Groups, Sites, One Drive), Users, External Collaboration, and Storage. The information included will reflect only the information available to you as the owner.

  • Reports – generate and export a variety of specific reports that show all information relevant to you as an owner or manager

  • My Tasks – provides an overview of all the current (and previous) tasks you need to complete, which relate to Policy Vulnerabilities, Access Review, Lifecycle Management, and Provisioning. Completing these tasks helps you maintain the health and security of sites, teams, and groups you are the owner of

  • Scheduled Reports – an overview of all reports you've scheduled to be automatically sent to you

  • Alerts – provides insight into alerts that have been set up to notify you of specific changes in the sites, groups, and teams you are the owner of

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