Connect Service Account

This article explains how to connect a service account to Syskit Point.
A service account in Syskit Point is utilized for:
To connect the service account in Syskit Point:
  • Navigate to Settings > General > Connected Tenant
  • Switch the Connect Service Account (1) toggle on
Once the Connect Service Account option is turned on, you can choose how to connect and authenticate your service account.
Two options are available:
  • Enter credentials (2) option - service account should not have multi-factor authentication enabled
  • Login with Microsoft Authentication Flow (3) - supports a service account with Multi-factor authentication enabled
Connect Service Account
  • To enable multi-factor authentication, follow the instructions in this article.

Enter Credentials

Please note! Use this option when connecting the service account to collect Configuration Inventory data. The Configuration Inventory module currently does not support a service account with multi-factor authentication enabled.
If credentials are selected, additional fields are displayed where you can:
  • Enter service account email address (1)
  • Enter service account password (2)
  • Click the Connect button (3) to finish
Service Account Credentials
After a successful connection, the connect button turns green and shows a checkmark (1).
Service Account Credentials - Connected

Login with Microsoft Authentication Flow

If logging in with Microsoft Authentication Flow is selected, a pop-up will appear requesting the sign-in information (1) for the service account.
Service Account - Microsoft Authentication Flow
Once the account is successfully connected, you will see the email listed stating it is a Connected Account (2).
Microsoft Authentication Flow - Connected Account
Please note! Global Admin consent is required when connecting the service account through Microsoft Authentication Flow for the first time.
Microsoft Authentication Flow - Global Admin Consent

Additional Information

When Microsoft Authentication Flow is used, Global Admin consent is required due to additional permissions required for the Syskit Point Client app registration. Learn more about these permissions in the Permission Requirements article.