January 18, 2024

This article lists improvements and bug fixes in the Syskit Point Cloud version 2024.1.41.36

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Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Additional features and optimizations added to the User Access report.

    • The User Access report has additional columns available to select from the column chooser: Sensitivity Label, Created On, Last Logged In.

    • The Delete User action was added and is available only to Syskit Point admins.

  • Site Storage Metrics report now has two types of data structure: the Files Only view, which is the default, and the Site Structure view.

    • To change the structure view for your report, click the Show by button located at the top right of the report.

  • The Details column was updated in the Audit Logs Overview report to show all the recipients for the activities: Shared Power BI Report and Shared Power BI Dashboard.

  • Security Groups and Distribution lists have a details screen added that enables the completion of member-related actions and provides the ability to drill down to view the Group Access report.

  • The Site Storage Metrics Report has been optimized for better support to large sites.

  • Collaborators can no longer configure alerts for users when the option "Give collaborators access to subordinate user activities" is disabled.

  • Improved the position of the Reconsent banner to prevent issues accessing the sidebar navigation.

  • Improved the description for the Inactive Guest Users policy email and task screen.

  • Improved provisioning by increasing the sturdiness of Syskit Point when applying Outlook properties to workspaces.

  • Fixed an issue where task resolvers who were removed from their resolver position would still receive emails when someone else resolved their past Security & Compliance check violations.

  • Fixed bug when generating the Preview Report for Rules that resulted in a "Bad Request" error when no workspaces were affected by the rule.

    • Improved overall performance when generating the Rule Preview Report.

  • Fixed a bug for the User Access report where exporting to XLSX wasn't showing Power BI workspaces.

    • The report now includes the name and type of resource for Power BI workspaces.

  • Fixed the bug where the Delete User action could not be completed for the Inactive Guest Users check.

  • Fixed an issue where the wrong email was sent during the provisioning process when Outlook properties failed.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the owners of inactive workspaces to be able to keep their workspace indefinitely even when an admin had previously set a maximum time period for keeping an inactive workspace.

  • Fixed an issue where metadata sync was not properly functioning for external INT and DateTime values.

  • Various improvements and minor fixes are available.

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