The Syskit Point Starter Kit

This article helps you learn more about using your Syskit Point.

Syskit Point is a scalable and easy-to-use management and governance platform for Microsoft 365. It makes complex environments easy to manage and secure by centralizing inventory and management across multiple Microsoft 365 workloads.

Your flow of using Syskit Point can go like this, and we will explain each part and link to resources you might need:

  • Discover: Start by centralizing users, structure, and workspaces across Microsoft 365 Groups, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Power Platform services.

  • Secure & Protect: Drill down and dig deep to get a detailed overview of who has access to what and audit user actions, including external users, supported by bulk management actions.

  • Efficient Control: Automate and enforce governance procedures and policies across Microsoft 365 to gain control over all processes. Manage workspaces lifecycle from its creation to its end of life.

  • Collaborate: Make end users your reliable partners in governance. Enable them to help you secure the data and manage their workspaces to reduce uncontrolled sprawl and unnecessary sharing.

Please note! If you are a free trial user, we recommend reading about activation, some limitations, and instructions here.


Gain a highly accurate and centralized view of all users and workspaces across Microsoft Teams, Groups, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Power BI.

Drill down into detailed reports about structure, memberships, permissions, and much more - gain efficiency and secure your data. Avoid jumping from one admin center to another.

Users Overview

The Users Overview screen can be accessed from the homepage and provides detailed insight into everything you need to know about your Microsoft 365 users. This information can also be exported as PDF and Excel files or scheduled for delivery via email.

You can also click on a specific user through the Users Overview screen. The user details screen includes details on the following:

  • General information about the user

  • The user's analytics and usage

  • Microsoft Teams and Group Memberships the user is a part of

  • Which workplaces the user has access to

Sites, Microsoft Teams, Groups, OneDrive Overviews

These overviews can also be found directly on the home screen, and allows you to explore and filter through your Sites, Microsoft Teams & Groups, and OneDrive. Selecting one or more sites also gives you a lot of useful details as well as the ability to manage different options for the sites with one simple click. You can also click on a specific site for a more detailed overview of it. Here you'll find information like:

  • Overview of the site with the number of users, external users, anonymous links, and unique permissions

  • Content overview, which includes a list of all files included in the site

  • Who has permission for the site

--> Learn how to Navigate through Syskit Point.

--> Learn more about the Dashboard and get the entire picture of the Microsoft 365 environment.


Create numerous reports and perform management actions straight from the data overview. Easily export or schedule reports to be delivered to any inbox or SharePoint library you want.

Generate reports

With the one-click report generation, these detailed insights make it easy to manage your Microsoft 365 environment. Some of the reports we recommend trying first are:

There are many reports available in Syskit Point, and the categories that the reports cover are:

  • Permissions: Detect and manage who has access to what across Microsoft 365 sites. Drill down into user permissions and memberships. Detect broken inheritance for all your content where permissions differ from a parent!

  • External Sharing: Control external access and excessive content sharing. Find all external users, and guests, and detect externally shared content along with all sharing links.

  • License Usage: Discover assigned, unassigned, and inactive Microsoft 365 licenses and the overall cost or find and reclaim licenses assigned to inactive or blocked users - optimize the budget.

  • Cleanup: Check Microsoft 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams with disabled or deleted owners and assign new ones. Identify and remove orphaned users.

Access Management

Gain complete control over user access and maximize the security of your tenant- perform numerous management actions directly from reports - single actions or bulk ones!

Some of the options include:

  • Manage user permissions – manage who has access to what from one central place, easily offboard people who leave or switch departments. You can also add, copy, or transfer permissions for multiple users at once.

  • Remove multiple or suspicious sharing links and manage external users and guests.

  • Manage Microsoft Teams and Groups membership and ownership.

  • Restore permissions inheritance on items where you find unique permissions.

--> Learn how to use Access Management


For Security and Compliance departments looking to stay compliant with regulations and improve the security posture of Microsoft 365, on top of reporting and management, Point brings auditing to secure and prevent malicious actions!

Control how your sensitive data is being used and accessed!

Avoid security breaches – audit user and admin activity across Microsoft 365:

  • Sharing files, folders, sites, teams, or groups

  • Breaking/restoring sharing inheritance

  • Sharing links within the company & anonymous links

  • Deleting or creating sites, teams, or groups

  • Changing admins or modifying organization-wide settings

--> Learn how to turn on auditing in the Microsoft 365 Security & Compliance Center

--> Learn how to track external users and their activity.

Plus: Set up alerts, prevent security issues, get real-time updates, and react quickly.


Setting up proper governance is key to the success of your organization’s Microsoft 365 deployment. When established appropriately, governance can help empower users to get maximum value from the platform.

Manage workspace lifecycles from creation to end with automated actions and policies. Make end users your reliable partners in governance - keep the tenant secure and clutter-free.

  • Set up provisioning

    • Control workspace creation and avoid sprawl: Set up templates for new workspace requests for Teams, Groups, sites, and Yammer with custom metadata, naming, and governance policies in place.

    • Unburden IT teams and simplify the process for end-users: Customize requests and approval workflows with our user-friendly Teams app.

  • Collaborate on access reviews

    • Enable your admins to set up automated requests.

    • Allow content owners to regularly review workspace memberships, sharing, and external users.

    • Delegate the responsibility to those with the best operational knowledge – content owners.

  • Enforce governance policies and rules

    • Re-certify guest users, clean up orphaned workspaces, and enforce ownership best practices.

  • Keep your tenant clean

    • Automatically detect inactive SharePoint sites, groups, and teams.

    • Define policies for keeping, deleting, or archiving data.

Set Up Your Syskit Point

Now that you know just some of the benefits of using Syskit Point, there are a few things you'll need to set up before you can start.

Follow the instructions in these articles to get started:

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