Ignore Service Account Activity Tracking

This article explains what Service Accounts are and how to ignore Service Account activities within Syskit Point.

Service accounts are user accounts created specifically to fulfill automated, expected changes to the server.

For example, if you are using an automated backup solution, chances are there is a service account performing backups in defined intervals.

Unified audit logs are created as a result of service account activity, the same as for activities of regular users.

The Ignored Service Accounts addition to the General Settings of Syskit Point allows you to avoid tracking service accounts activities collected from Unified Audit Logs, meaning:

  • The Service Account page hits, and views will be ignored when detecting any workspace activity.

  • The Service Account audit logs won’t be stored.

  • The Service Account changes will be ignored and won’t trigger alerts.

Setting up Ignored Service Accounts

Go to General Setting (1) in your Syskit Point to set up Ignore Service Accounts.

Under General (2), at the bottom of the screen, is the Ignored Service Accounts (3) section, where accounts can be input in order to avoid triggering alerts when activity is detected.

Write the service account name and press enter to add it to the list. Click Save (4) when finished.

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