April 9, 2024

This article lists improvements and bug fixes in the Syskit Point Cloud version 2024.2.46.32

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Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Planner activity detection added to workspaces!

    • You can find the Planner Activity column on the Inactive Workspaces report, and it shows the last Planner activity for any inactive workspaces.

    • When determining whether a workspace is inactive in the Lifecycle Management automation feature, the Planner activity is taken into account, so if there is Planner activity in a workspace, it is not considered inactive.

  • The Add Owners/Members action now allows you to add a user just as an owner without adding them to the group as a member.

  • The Shadow users policy can now only be applied to Teams, Groups, and Yammer workspaces.

    • All users who have permissions on a site but are not part of the Members or Owners group of that workspace are now considered Shadow Users.

  • Improved the Provisioning feature in Syskit Point.

    • Fixed an issue that caused localization errors when trying to create a new SharePoint template from the Provisioning feature in Syskit Point.

    • Fixed an issue that prevented editing existing Provisioning templates.

  • Fixed an issue with GCC High environments using the People Picker for the Syskit Point Teams App.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the Power BI Workspaces and Inventory reports to show the wrong name for Personal Workspaces.

  • Various improvements and minor UX and UI fixes are available.

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