May 16, 2023

This article lists new features, improvements, and bug fixes in Syskit Point Cloud version 2023.2.0.58

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  • You can now resolve access and provisioning requests in the Syskit Point web app! Whether using the Syskit Point Teams app or the Syskit Point web app, you can now resolve these tasks in any of the two places. As before, you will:

    • Get a notification in the Teams app

    • Receive an email that opens the request in Syskit Point Teams app

    • Be able to resolve access and provisioning requests within the Syskit Point Teams app In the newest addition, you will:

    • Get a task in the Syskit Point web app as well

    • Be able to navigate to a task in the Syskit Point web app from the received email

    • Be able to resolve access and provisioning requests within the Syskit Point web app\

  • Group email address and site address editing added to provisioning requests!

    • When requesting a Microsoft Team or a Microsoft 365 Group, you can edit the group email address.

    • When requesting a new site, you can now edit the site address, thus affecting the site's URL.

Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Syskit Point sync was improved to retrieve additional properties to distinguish between cloud and on-premises groups synced to Azure!

    • Refreshed look with additional icons and new on-premises views on reports help you differentiate between the two group types

    • Microsoft Teams & Groups inventory report and Group Membership report enable filtering by group type with the help of the newly added views:

      • Distribution Lists and Distribution Lists (On-Premises)

      • Security Groups and Security Groups (On-Premises)

      • Mail-Enabled Security Groups

  • Performed by filter added to Audit Logs Overview report! The new filter enables you to generate the report showing audit logs performed by:

    • all users

    • only internal users

    • only external users

    • specific users; here, you can select one or more users from your tenant in the people picker dialog

  • Recycled folder activity support added!

    • The audit logs related to the Recycled folder activity are now collected in Syskit Point by default.

    • Activity is visible in the File and Page Activities report.

    • Activity triggers the Changed File or Folder alert if the alert is enabled.

  • Reports improved!

    • Job Title column was added to the Users inventory report.

    • Last Logged In column was added to the Users with Privileged Access report.

  • Multiple sync improvements and fixes are available.

    • Fixed issues where changes in group memberships were not synced.

    • Added support for Request files links. Before the changes, the following error would appear in the error logs: SysKit.Point.WorkerUtils.Database.CustomSqlException: Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint 'PK_Crawl_SharePointSharingLinks'. Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'Crawl.SharePointSharingLinks'.

    • Fixed an issue that would appear when syncing sites with more than 1000 lists containing an Access Requests list. The following exception was thrown: Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint 'PK_Crawl_SharePointObjects'. Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'Crawl.SharePointObjects'.

  • Fixed an issue where generating the External Users report from the site details screen would result in an error.

  • Fixed a bug with service account setup using Microsoft authentication flow. When setting up, instead of the entered service account, the signed-in account was used, resulting in missing permissions during provisioning.

  • Multiple provisioning-related fixes are available.

    • Fixed an issue where custom metadata defined in the provisioning template was not correctly saved and applied in provisioning requests. The following custom metadata types were affected: number, yes/no, and Azure property - department.

    • Fixed a bug where an incorrect approval process was displayed when editing a provisioning template.

    • Fixed an issue where creating a new approval process from the provisioning template screen would reset the template form.

  • Fixed an issue where reconsent would timeout and fail in large M365 environments.

  • Fixed an issue where deleted users were displayed in the External Users report. Hard and soft deleted users are no longer shown.

  • Various UX/UI improvements and minor fixes are available.

    • Improved Syskit Point Teams app responsiveness on smaller resolutions and scaled screens.

    • Fixed issues with the selection of collected audit logs activities in Audit Logs settings.

    • Fixed an issue where the Remove access action was erroneously displayed in the Power BI Inventory report when a workspace was selected.

    • Fixed an issue in Syskit Point Teams app where sorting requests by Requested On date would result in an error.

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