October 17, 2023

This article lists improvements and bug fixes in the Syskit Point Cloud version 2023.4.0.315

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  • The storage usage reporting comes with a new Site Storage Metrics report!

    • You can drill from the Storage Metrics report to a more detailed per-site report by clicking the workspace name.

    • On the new report, see the complete site structure and content, accompanied with the size, extension, number of file versions, author, and last activity information for each file.

  • Tenant Storage Limit policy receives new options and changes!

    • Task Delegation was added to the policy, meaning that an email will be sent to Syskit Point administrators when Syskit Point detects that the defined tenant-wide storage limit was reached. Along with an email, a task is created for Syskit Point administrators in Syskit Point.

    • The policy now has a vulnerability history available that enables you to see all previously detected and resolved tenant storage limit vulnerabilities.

  • Home dashboard is now customizable!

    • All users can reorder the dashboard tiles with the simple drag-n-drop action. The layout is saved per user.

  • Provisioning templates now enable admins to enforce applying a naming convention (with prefix and suffix) on the workspace's URL.

    • If the Naming Rule option on a template is enabled, the naming rule will be applied to the workspace URL by default.

Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Overdue Lifecycle Management tasks can now be resolved!

    • Lifecycle Management tasks that are overdue can be found in the Active Tasks section and can be resolved.

    • For overdue tasks, Syskit Point administrators can now send reminders to owners who have not yet completed the received task.

  • Storage Metrics report was improved.

    • The Name column opens a Site Storage Metrics report when clicked.

    • Color coding for tenant usage and site usage was improved. In case a defined limit is reached, the usage percentage bar graph related to the site will be colored red on the tenant, as well as the site level.

    • When clicked, the View All link on the Storage tile on the Home dashboard now opens the Storage Metrics report.

  • Multiple policy improvements are available.

    • The automation option in policy settings for all policies was renamed to Task Delegation. The name better describes the process of delegating tasks and sharing the responsibility to resolve vulnerabilities among multiple users.

    • The policies settings screen was redesigned to provide more information at a glance - grid with policies now shows the policy severity and policy status.

    • For policies with a task delegation option, an improved validation was added to ensure that the Collaborator role is enabled if required for task delegation.

    • A new action - Ask Members - is available on the Security & Compliance report for Orphaned workspaces. It helps you to ask members of an Orphaned workspace to resolve the policy vulnerability and suggest new owners.

    • Tenant storage limit vulnerability now shows more details - the percentage of used storage, used and total storage in your tenant, as well as Accept risk action, and a link that provides you with information on how to resolve the issue at hand in Microsoft 365 by adding more storage.

  • The Active Tasks screen was improved to show only the vulnerabilities with an open task. Previously, detected vulnerabilities without a task were displayed as well.

  • The term Resource was replaced with Workspace across Syskit Point and the documentation. For example, the Orphaned Resources tile segment on the dashboard was renamed to Inactive Workspaces. The Inactive Content report was renamed to Inactive Workspaces, and so on.

  • User sync was improved to resolve policy vulnerabilities in case the user's status change in Microsoft 365 makes the vulnerability obsolete. For example, if an orphaned user is deleted in Microsoft 365, Syskit Point will automatically resolve detected vulnerabilities for the user during the user sync.

  • Fixed an issue where unassigned licenses were not shown in the Licenses Overview report.

  • Fixed a bug where the Remove Access action on the User Access report did not log that a user cannot delete their own permissions from a SharePoint site collection.

  • Fixed an issue where deleting multiple users at once to resolve the detected security & compliance vulnerabilities on the Inactive Guest Users report failed to delete all users.

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