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Discover, Secure, and Control Your Microsoft 365 with Syskit Point

Deep visibility, powerful management, and automated governance – gain it all with a single scalable platform for Microsoft 365. Here you'll find everything you need to set up Syskit Point and learn about the features.

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Save hours of manual work and gain visibility with a centralized inventory: users, structure, sharing, and workspaces across Microsoft Teams, Groups, OneDrive, SharePoint sites, and Power BI.

Focus less on exploring, be efficient, and provide a better and safer collaboration experience.


Understand and manage who has access to what and stay on top of unauthorized or malicious activity by auditing internal and external users’ and admins’ actions.

Take necessary actions to prevent security problems and data leaks, stay compliant with regulations, and keep the data secured in your environment.


Automate governance procedures, avoid uncontrolled sprawl, and manage workspaces lifecycle, from its creation to end of life.

With Syskit Point governance features and Point Teams app, end users increase productivity, get simplified processes, and reduce dependency on the support team to manage access and create workspaces. Admins get the platform that helps them support adoption of modern ways of cloud collaboration, keeping the data secured and controlling everything with policies applied in the background.

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