Access Reports

Access reports provide information about the users' permissions and memberships across content within your workspaces.
Access reports help you keep track of who has access to sites where you are the owner and help ensure that your workspaces are secure and compliant. Reviewing access reports lets you identify any users with outdated access or potential security breaches. That way, you can take any needed actions to protect your workspace in a timely and efficient manner.
Access reports can also help you monitor the activities of users that you manage, which is especially useful when multiple people collaborate on shared documents or projects. You can see who has access to your site and documents when they last accessed them, and if any changes were made.
Use the Access Reports feature in Syskit Point to track user activities, detect unauthorized access, and maintain the security and compliance of your workspaces.

Generate Reports

You can get more details on what information each report in this section includes by taking a look at the following links:
For easy access to the access reports, complete the following steps:
  • Click the Reports tile; located on the Syskit Point home screen.
  • Select the Permissions Reports category in the filter in the upper left corner.
  • Depending on the report you want to generate, click on the selected report tile to generate the report.
Please note: You can only gain insight into workspaces where you are the owner and users whom you manage.