Check Access for Specific Office 365 User

This article explains how to generate the User Access report and the options available once generated.

In Office 365 and SharePoint, there are a variety of permission levels that allow users to access the resources they need. They tend to group actions and define what users can and can't see within your environment.

If you, as an administrator, try to check where does the user has access to in your environment, you would have to go through every site collection and check for a specific user.

However, if you use SysKit Point it allows you to reach this collected data for a specific user's access in a single report.

Here's how you can do it.

Generate User Access from Report Center

From the Welcome Home screen, you can either click the Reports tile or directly to User Access report.

SysKit Point - Welcome Home screen

If you've clicked on Reports you will be redirected to Report Center where you can select User Access report.

Report Center - User Access report

Filtering through users on Selection page

After clicking on User Access, you are redirected to Selection page. There you can see all the Users on your Tenant.

User Access Selection screen

You can filter through Users by changing the type of view you're using. Change the type of view by clicking on view selector on the left side of the screen.

User Access Selection screen - view picker

Clicking on Column Chooser also enables you at adding additional columns to the grid so you can filter further through those columns. To open a Column Chooser click the icon next to the Search bar on the right.

User Access Selection screen - Column Chooser

Last type of filtering is by using the Search bar which is located on the right side of the screen. Type into it to find a specific user you want.

User Access Selection screen - Search bar

Making a Selection

While making a selection you have various possibilities. Clicking on a checkbox next to a Display Name column will select all the Users on the current view.

User Access Selection screen - select all users

By clicking on checkboxes next to a User you can make a single or multiple User selection.

User Access Selection screen - multiple user selection

If you know names of Users you want to generate a report for and you don't want to scroll through the User list. You can use Search bar to enter each name and click the checkbox next to User's name.

After you've made a selection, click Run Report, it will generate User Access report for all the users you selected.

User Access report

Side Panel options when report is successfully generated

Default options

When report is generated, if you focus on the right side of the screen you will see the side panel.

If you haven't selected anything in the report, there will be an option to Export your report.

You can export the report into PDF and Excel.

User Access report - side panel export options

Options when making a selection

If you make a selection on a Root level of the report, be it single selection or multi-selection, side panel changes, and action Remove Access becomes available.

Also, you get the option to generate other SysKit Point reports for selected objects from there.

User Access report - side panel options on selection

Generate User Access from Site Details

You've visited the site details page of one Site Collection on your tenant. There you can see the Overview tile, which has Users and External Users metric.

Site Details page - Overview tile

If you click the Users metric, you will be redirected to the page which shows you all types of users that have access to that Site Collection.

Site Details - Users report

Clicking on External Users metric will show you only external users that have access to that Site Collection.

If you select some users on that page, you will get options in Side panel to generate a User Access report.

Generating a report from there will show what kind of access do users have on that Site collection.

User Access report generated from Site Details

Generate User Access from User Overview screen

From Home Screen, click the Users tile, which redirects you to the Users Overview screen.

On Users Overview screen, you see all the Users on your environment.

Select any user, and on the side panel, click the User Access.

Users Overview screen - selection

You will get a User Access report generated for the selected user on which you can see what kind of access does the user has on all objects of your environment.

User Access report generated from Users Overview screen