July 02, 2024

This article lists improvements and bug fixes in the Syskit Point Cloud version 2024.4.52.66

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New Features

  • New Copilot Readiness tile available on the Dashboard!

    • With the help of the Copilot Readiness score, you can easily detect areas of improvement or potential security concerns as you prepare to integrate Copilot into your day-to-day business.

    • The Copilot Readiness tile shows all of the policy vulnerabilities or overshared workspaces that could pose a security risk.

    • The following is counted for the Copilot Readiness:

      • Number of vulnerabilities detected for the Workspaces with Too Many Members, Workspaces with Shadow Users, and Workspaces Shared with Everyone policies.

      • The Group Access and Sharing Links reports

      • The number of company-wide sharing links and links shared with everyone

      • The number of public workspaces

  • Improvements made to Storage Management for SharePoint Online!

    • Storage Versioning Limits are now available in the Syskit Point Settings for Storage Management.

      • Storage Versioning Limits help you limit the number of file versions kept in SharePoint document libraries.

      • The versioning limit that can be set is either a Count Limit or Time Limit.

      • File versions are deleted after exceeding the number of versions or the time period you set.

      • The Storage Versioning Limits can be applied automatically or manually.

      • For more details on versioning limits, take a look at this article.

    • The Site Storage Metrics report has three new views available that detect workspaces without activity

      • The new views available are:

        • Without Activity in the Last 90 Days

        • Without Activity in the Last 180 Days

        • Without Activity in the Last 365 Days

      • These views show workspaces that have not had activity registered or have not been modified in the selected time frame.

    • Added the option to hide the Workspace name from the URL link and e-mails when creating Provisioning templates.

      • When the option is enabled, the URL and e-mail contain a number identifier (6-10 characters) instead of the workspace name.

      • Hiding the workspace name from the URL or e-mail can be useful when dealing with confidential workspaces where you don't want to disclose any information, even in the URL or e-mail. Additionally, if you think a workspace name will change with time, you can use this option and have a unique URL and e-mail that doesn't have to change with future changes.

Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Sensitivity Label and Retention Label columns are now available on the Unique Permissions and Sharing Links reports and can be selected from the column chooser.

    • You can easily find files with specific Sensitivity and Retention labels with the help of the column filters.

  • Improvements made to storage management actions!

    • Fixed an issue where Storage clean-up actions failed due to workspaces' retention policy.

      • The action log now notifies you that the clean-up action could not be performed on the workspace due to a hold or retention period assigned to it.

    • Fixed a bug that allowed Global Viewers to perform Storage clean-up actions.

  • Improvements made to the Lifecycle Management feature when selecting to keep workspaces.

    • The default period is now set for 90 days when the keep action is selected, and the maximum limit is set to indefinitely.

  • Improvements made to Access Review.

    • On the Sharing step, the default Sharing view is now set to Show by Users.

    • The Department column is now displayed for users on the Sharing step by default.

  • Improved the Provisioning process to be more resilient and better handle errors. This should help avoid provisioning failures when creating new Microsoft Teams.

  • Fixed a bug that showed Access Review e-mails with the date in the UTC timezone instead of local time.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Private Workspaces Shared with Everyone policy from correctly detecting vulnerabilities.

  • Fixed an issue where the following error would occur when attempting to complete the Yammer registration setup: {"message":"An error has occurred.","exceptionMessage":"Unexpected character encountered while parsing value: i. Path '', line 0, position 0.","exceptionType":"Newtonsoft.Json.JsonReaderException"}

  • Fixed a bug that allowed users to apply previously deleted sensitivity labels.

  • Various improvements and minor UX and UI fixes are available.

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