Syskit Point 2024.3.48

This article lists improvements and bug fixes in Syskit Point version 2024.3.48

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Product version: 2024.3.48

Build number: 41

Release date: May 21, 2024

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New Features

  • New policy available: Private Workspaces Shared with Everyone

  • New options for integrating 3rd party apps and Syskit Point are available!

    • Syskit Point offers 2 types of integration: Syskit Point API and Webhooks.

    • Syskit Point API is an interface that enables 3rd party apps to access data available in Syskit Point and trigger operations in Syskit Point.

    • Webhooks are messages that Syskit Point sends to another defined application when an important event occurs.

  • Change the appearance of Syskit Point!

    • Syskit Point can now be customized to showcase your company branding.

    • You can customize the following aspects of Syskit Point:

      • Logo - your company logo can now appear in the left corner of Syskit Point

      • Banner - the Sign in page for Syskit Point can show your official company banner

      • Colors - define your brand colors and transform the interface of Syskit Point

    • Dark Mode is now available for Syskit Point; if you normally prefer dark mode, you can change the background of Syskit Point from the default white color to a darker shade.

Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Improvements made to Reports!

    • Added the total number of unique external users in the workspace to the Power BI Workspaces report.

      • The Power BI Permissions report can now be filtered by user type: internal or external.

    • Added a new column to the Scheduled Reports screen: Last Manual Run.

      • The column shows information on when the Send Now action was last executed.

    • The Storage Metrics report can now be exported and scheduled.

  • Improvements made to Provisioning!

    • When creating or editing provisioning templates admins can now add security groups and mail-enabled security groups in the Additional Site Collection Admins section.

    • The SharePoint Site Provisioning template now includes the option to Select a Language from the dropdown menu of available languages.

      • Please note! After the upgrade, a message requesting you to edit the template shows next to the existing SharePoint Site provisioning templates. Under Manage, find the Edit Template action and verify that the correct language is selected. Continue to the last step and, click the Update Template button to complete the update, and remove the displayed warning message.

    • Fixed an issue where the provisioning template dialog didn't correctly display previously selected governance policies.

    • Fixed an issue that caused localization errors when trying to create a new SharePoint template from the Provisioning feature in Syskit Point.

    • Fixed an issue that prevented editing of existing Provisioning templates.

  • Planner activity detection added to workspaces!

    • You can find the Planner Activity column on the Inactive Workspaces report, and it shows the last Planner activity for any inactive workspaces.

    • When determining whether a workspace is inactive in the Lifecycle Management automation feature, the Planner activity is taken into account, so if there is Planner activity in a workspace, it is not considered inactive.

  • Improvements made to policies!

    • Improved functionality of the Workspaces with too Many Members policy.

    • The Shadow users policy can now only be applied to Teams, Groups, and Yammer workspaces.

      • All users who have permissions on a site but are not part of the Members or Owners group of that workspace are now considered Shadow Users.

  • The Add Owners/Members action now allows you to add a user just as an owner without adding them to the group as a member.

  • Added new columns to the Security and Compliance section of the Govern feature: Number of owners and Number of members.

  • The Rule Preview report has a new Manual Overrides filter that contains the following: Manually Applied and Priority Override.

  • Admin accounts with no mailbox can now be added as admins to Orphaned Resourced and resolve delegated Tasks when there is no manager or manager response.

  • Improved the Tenant Storage vulnerability email to include the following storage-related data: defined storage tenant limit percentage, used percentage, size of the used storage, and the total amount of available tenant storage.

  • Improved the display of used storage data for each workspace to reflect the most accurate data.

  • Fixed an issue that showed workspace type icons as too large when using the old Outlook browser to view Security and Compliance vulnerability emails.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the same policy violation to be logged as completed multiple times, along with sending duplicate Policy Resolved emails.

  • Fixed an issue that caused an interruption in delivery of regularly set up scheduled reports if a scheduled report is requested manually.

  • Fixed an issue that showed restored workspaces as deleted.

    • If a site was soft deleted and restored to active status, the workspace would still show as deleted when clicking on it.

  • Fixed an issue with the Access Review that caused a problem loading users on workspaces with a large number of users.

  • Fixed an issue where retry attempts on Provisioning for Microsoft Teams caused the following error: SysKit.Point.Provisioning.Infrastructure.Clients.MicrosoftGraph.MicrosoftGraphClientException: Failed to execute Templates backend request CreateTeamFromGroupWithTemplateRequest.

  • Fixed an issue with GCC High environments using the People Picker for the Syskit Point Teams App.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the Power BI Workspaces and Inventory reports to show the wrong name for Personal Workspaces.

  • Various improvements and minor UX and UI fixes are available.

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